Lauren Yates Tuck


We shot these on a country road near Wedington Woods in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Lauren was lots of fun to shoot and did great. You can’t tell in the photos but it was about 103 outside that day, and the humidity was horrible. Thank you to Lauren & her mom for hanging in there with me

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Lacee’s bridals are some of the most viewed on our website, so I decided to post them here with the new design. Amazing bone structure and one of the most gorgeous brides we have shot!

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Allison & Wiley were married on the Beach in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. We shot these the day of their wedding. After viewing these bridals, you should go over and take a look at their wedding album. That was mucho fun to shoot

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Sarah Roberts Brown

Sarah Roberts is now Sarah Brown and was alot of fun to shoot. Her mom came along and we spent the entire day cracking up at each other. Sarah & Daniels wedding pics will soon follow.

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Elizabeth and I headed to The Inn at Carnall Hall and the Legacy Building in Fayetteville last Saturday.

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